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Current Benefits

$99 New Patient Special

For new patients, a regular exam and x-rays could reach up to $280!


For $99 we are offering a complete dental exam with x-rays regardless of how complex the treatment plan may be.

Wholesale Pricing

All preventative productions are sold to patients at wholesale costs and the same price that we purchase them. We don't make any money off of them. So when we suggest a product know it's solely for your benefit:

  • Automatic Toothbrushes

  • Prescription Mouthwash

  • Prescription Toothpastes

  • Waterpiks

Whitening for Life

The reduced enrollment fee includes:

  • Individualized trays or stock trays, your choice

  • Whitening syringes lasting 5-14 days

  • 2-4 refills every 6 months

Whitening syringes will be FREE every 6 months as long as you are consistent with your diagnosed and regular hygiene cleanings at Central Point Family Denistry. Come in for more details

central point family dentistry
central point family dentistry

Specials and Offers subject to change except for the "Whitening for Life Program"

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