Millenium Dental Savings Plan


This is a discount savings plan. The annual membership covers two exams yearly, x-rays, and simple cleanings and up to 20% discounts towards other treatment. We eliminate the 3rd party so you can get the treatment needed without limitations from your dental insurance...

  • 20% savings on preventive or proactive treatments

  • 20% savings on major treatments: crowns, bridges, dentures, root canals

  • 10% savings on basic treatments like fillings, extractions

  • 2 Exams per year (Comprehensive and periodic exam)

  • New patient x-rays (FMX or panoramic, and bitewings) during those exams

  • 2 simple cleanings (prophys only). This does not include deep cleanings like scaling & root planings.

  • Fluoride treatment for children younger than 18-years old during their cleaning or exam visit

  • 50% savings on teeth whitening

  • 50% savings on emergency exam and x-rays (excluding treatment)

To become a member 

To add your spouse    

Additional for each child




Millennium Dental Savings Plan (MDSP)

A savings plan created by our practice to  to help you where insurance companies don't


Our practice has created a discount savings plan designed specifically for individuals, couples, or

those families who don't have dental insurance. This dental savings plan that bypasses dental insurance

companies and allows you to invest in a plan that helps you save money in these challenging economic times.


Most insurance companies tell you that you need to wait six months prior to receive big treatment items like root canals or crowns. Signing up for the Millennium Plan you can have that treatment without any waiting interval. People often put off dental care because of the lack of dental insurance. Our Millennium Dental Savings Plan gives you the opportunity to take control of your care.


Difference between regular dental insurance and the Millennium Plan:


There are no deductibles, no waiting periods, no claim forms, no hassling with insurance companies, and no limitations on your dental treatment. Insurance companies also impose an annual maximum limiting how much you treatment you can receive. The Millennium Plan gives you no limitations. Just one annual payment and you receive the following benefits:














           All savings on treatments are eligble for up to 6 months from the time of diagnosis or treatment planning



Individuals, couples, or families with children up through 19-years old unless the child is attending college full time--then he or she would be covered up through age 23. Children must have a minimum of one adult to be members. Memberships last for a whole fiscal year (12 months). There are no refunds for partial year use.

Even if you have dental insurance you can still utilize the Millennium Dental Savings Plan.



These annual fees represent savings at 48% of our regular set fees for exams, cleanings, and x-rays alone! The annual fees for this current year are as follows:


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