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What Lipstick Makes My Teeth Look Whiter?

Here are some tips how to make your teeth have a whiter appearance when you're trying to impress on the fly:

Though obvious photoshopping on the lower left, these 4 images show a difference in lipstick effects

Tip #1: Pick Cool Undertone Lipstick

Red or pink, dark or nude? The main color is less important though red does enhance your features and teeth. The undertone hue is the major factor in bringing out a whiter look.

Lipsticks with cool (blue) undertones are ideal.

This does not mean the lipstick is blue but the additive color is. Avoid warm undertones like yellow or orange. Warm tones enhance the yellowness of your teeth so throw those away today.

On the color wheel, yellow and blue are complementary colors that do not clash and this reduces the yellow appearance of your teeth under most lighting. Two brands with these features are NYX or Maybelline.


Tip #2 Lip Gloss

Adding lip gloss adds brilliance to your lips that help enhance the whiteness of your teeth. If your lipstick is matted or frosty in appearance, this dulls your teeth and accentuates the yellow.


Tip #3 Choose your Outfit Wisely

Just like the optimal blue undertones for lipstick, wearing a blue outfit works very well to enhance your white teeth. Avoid orange, yellow, or bright white outfits as they will compete with the actual hue of your teeth.


Tip #4 Why Not Whiten Them?

Teeth whitening products are much more affordable today and in a matter of 10 days you can usually get 2-shades whiter. We offer syringes that you apply after fabricating custom trays but we also offer "Go-Trays" that only need to be worn up to one hour each day for 10 days for similar results.

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