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"Why I flew 2,000 miles to See Dr. Nelson"

Visit Oregon for the 1st Time

Get Dental Work Done

Smile Big for the 1st Time

Have No Regrets!

Kelly's Story



Written by Kelly F., October 2016:


Throughout my entire life, people always asked me, "What's the matter with you? You never smile," which was true. I didn't smile because I was very self-conscious about my teeth. Looking back through photographs, I never smiled. In my first-grade class picture, I wasn't smiling, The same held true with my college graduation pictures.  

I previously had the privilege of having Dr. Nelson do some extractions when he practised in my hometown of Macomb, IL so when I made my decision to have dentures there was no question about who I would have to take care of this for me. It would be Dr. Nelson or I just would not of had it done at all.  


One might think that flying 2,000 miles one way to have this procedure done is nothing short of crazy, when you have the chance to have the best you take it!  I have never had a dentist in my entire life treat me with utmost care and professionalism as with what I have experienced with Dr. Nelson.  Dr. Nelson's staff was courteous and very helpful throughout my procedure.  I would recommend Dr. Nelson and his staff to anyone who needs any sort of dental care. Today, as in every day since I've had the procedure, I'm smiling! --Kelly F.


Follow-up letter written by Kelly F., October 2018:

I want to talk to you about the teeth that you and Mr. Warren fixed me up with a couple of years ago. I want to let you know they are working and are looking very good still! I am so glad I decided to have that work done.... all I can say is that Central Point Dentistry changed my life! I have smiled more in these past two years than I ever did my whole life. My friends and family say that the transformation in me is unbelievable, I’m happier because I am so much more outgoing than I used to be.... all because I had really bad teeth and was too embarrassed to smile. ...Thanks again Dr. Steve Nelson and the Staff at Central Point Dentistry! I Flew 2700 specifically to have you do the work and I’d do it again. Don’t let bad teeth keep you from being pain-free and is just too short! Sincerely, John. Macomb, Illinois

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