Patients of Siskiyou Community Health:


This letter is intended for those that have been my patient at Siskiyou CHC in Grants Pass, Oregon.  I have signed a contractual agreement to not deliberately draw previous patients from Siskiyou to my new private practice for the span of two years after leaving Siskiyou. 


If you have been my patient at Siskiyou CHC, I would encourage you to remain there. Siskiyou has quality dentists that provide excellent dental care and I am confident you will be in good hands. 


Siskiyou CHC is an excellent organization that does a lot of good for the community. The employees there are amazing and they help so many wonderful patients. 






                            Dr. Nelson

Orthodontics (Using ClearCorrect)


Most orthodontic cases should be referred to an orthodontist. However, if a case is deemed not complex or you feel you only need minor shifting then our braces option is an excellent alternative. A series of trays are created, worn, and eventually rotated until the ideal shifted placement is finalized. No hashed up cheeks from ortho wires, no stigma that you are too old for braces, and the trays are worn at your convenience.