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What Dental Insurances Don't Want You to Know

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Dental insurance is NOT like medical insurance.

The main difference is most dental insurances have a $1,500 max annual benefit that they will pay. If you get a crown, a cleaning, and some chewing gum you have already maxed your benefits for the year. Hopefully you do not have more dental needs—they won’t pay for it.

In 1971 the benefits insurance paid is the exact maximum that you likely have today, $1,500. If the insurance companies kept up with inflation, they would pay $8,500/year in dental procedures today!! What!?

So how does dental insurance work? Imagine as a kid your mom gives you $3 to buy a meal at McDonalds. Let’s say a kid’s meal costs $5. You either have to pay out of your pocket an extra $2 or buy what you can get for $3 only, but it’s not a kid’s meal and it’s not what you want.

If you limit your treatment to what your insurance benefits will pay there will be a lot of people not getting their “happy meal.”


We came up with a simple resolution to bypass the restrictive insurance companies. We offer our own dental membership "insurance" at Central Point Family Dentistry called the

This is how dental insurance SHOULD be:

In a whole year this plan pays for necessary exams, x-rays, cleanings*, and fluoride treatments that would cost $650 if paying solely out of pocket.

Then you receive 10% savings on fillings and extractions, and 20% savings on larger treatments (crowns, deep cleanings, etc). No waiting periods, no deductibles, no maximum treatment!

Our MDS plan is $28/month & for kids about $18/month

How much is your monthly dental insurance premium for less benfits?? In the words of Olaf in Frozen, “This will all make sense when I’m older"...after this 2-minute read, consider yourself older.

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